Please note that we have moved our Linux hosting services to the newer servers to have better responsive servers as well as more reliability and faster response time.

Most probably it has been handled automatically, and there is nothing you should be doing except changing your email POP/IMAP and SMTP settings to a newer one. However, we request you to go through your website to check if everything is fine. And take required steps if needed.

Note that name servers have already been changed and due to propagation delay you might be still looking at older site. It may take up to 48 hours for fully propagate this change. So keep close watch for at least 2 days. You will find instruction below on how to find if you're looking at site hosted on newer server or not.

Here are the things you should be doing:

  1. Keep this details at safe place for your record.
  2. Visit your website and all other services hosted with your hosting account to ensure it is working fine.
  3. Change your Email Settings to the one given below in the email client you're using. Ex: You need to update email settings in Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobile Email Client Settings, etc.
  4. Backup your website & emails, as due to propagation you might lose some newer records or emails. Note that we have taken care to avoid any loss, however, it is always advisable to take and keep regular backups at your end to prevent any loss of important data.
  5. You might need to authenticate again with external services you are using as Server IP Address and Hostname has changed, in case where such services are mapped with Server IP Address or Hostname. If your sub domain or some services are hosted somewhere else externally, please check that one as well.
  6. If you found any issue, please report it here: Please try to include as much details as possible, so we can help you with the same.

Here are few things you should be knowing:

  • Your website IP address and Server hostname has changed. You can find details below.
  • Your cPanel username and passwords are same as older.
  • All email accounts are same as older, you can use same username and password. But email settings are changed.
  • All your website files are transferred to your newer account.
  • All your databases are transferred with same name, permissions and database user name and password. Note that your website CMS or any other software you're accessing must be connecting to the database using 'localhost', if it is accessing using IP Address, you need to change IP Address to the localhost.
  • Your SPF record is updated to reflect newer hostname. However, if your emails are not delivered properly or being delivered to the Junk folder, please verify the SPF record.
  • Due to propagation period you might still be looking at website on older server. Below you will find details on how to check if you're looking at website on newer server.
  • We have decided to keep our older servers up and running for one month, i.e. up to 30th April, 2016. So you can choose to point your website to the older server during this period, just in case you need it for some reason. Kindly note that in this case, you will need to update your website on newer server manually with newer data (DNS records, files, db, emails, ftp users, etc.) and such requests for updates on our end will be chargeable in advance on hourly basis. Below you'll find details on how to point your domain on older server.

Important Details

Server Details

  • Server Hostname (address):
  • IP Address:
  • Name Servers: and
  • cPanel Address:
  • cPanel Credentials: Your cPanel username and password

Email Settings

Note: If you're using externally hosted email services like Gmail or Outlook, you do not need to do anything. (Use and query your domain to check what Mail Exchange service you're using. If it is listing your domain name, then you are using Server hosted email and not externally hosted email service like Gmail or Outlook)

You can download newer email configuration settings by going to your cPanel, Email Accounts then clicking on More button and then selecting Configure Email Client. You can find same details here. (please replace with your actual domain)

To set up an e-mail client for an e-mail account created in cPanel, please use the following configurations:

Username: your e-mail address
Password: the password set in cPanel during e-mail account set-up
Incoming server type: IMAP or POP3
Incoming server (IMAP): 993 port for SSL, 143 for TLS.
Incoming server (POP3): 995 port for SSL, 110 for TLS.
Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 port for SSL, 26/587 port for TLS.
Incoming server/outgoing server name: for Non-SSL Settings, and for Secure SSL/TLS Settings
Outgoing server authentication should be switched on, SPA (secure password authentication) must be disabled.

How to find if you're looking at site moved on newer server or an older one?

To check if you're looking at site moved on newer server or an older one, you need to check it by making a ping request to your domain from your command prompt, i.e. cmd.

  1. Ping your website, like ping (Use the details published here, if you are not sure how to do it
  2. In response to ping, you'll find the IP address. If it matches with, then you're looking at website on the newer server. Else on the older server. In that case, your domain NS records are propagated yet to reflect the change and please try again after few hours.

How to point my domain / website to older server temporarily?

Use this only in case where you want your domain / website to point to the older server temporarily. We do not recommend the same.


Perform this steps to point your domain / website to older server:

  1. Change your domain name server details to following:

    This will point your domain and all other services to use services hosted on the older server.
  2. Once your purpose is served, change back to following name server to point your domain/website to newer server:

We are sorry for the any inconvenience this may have caused you and we value your time and efforts for the same. Moreover, thank you for your continued trust and support in our ability to serve you with personalized domain & hosting solutions.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Synergy Informatics

Saturday, April 2, 2016

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